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What is the Accountants Advice Scheme?

The proposed program will see small businesses with up to $10 million in annual turnover eligible to obtain up to $5,000 to access a tailored 15-month plan from an accredited professional on the next steps in their business recovery.

Want to know if you qualify?

  • Are you a small business owner doing under $10m turnover
  • Has your business been affected by COVID?
  • If you answer yes to the above then it’s very likely you will qualify and you should have a quick chat with our team.

Get started

How good would you feel to have some
certainly around your business viability?

A clear 15 month plan for your business with the steps outlining what you need to do to gain certainty around your cashflow.

A clear understanding of all government incentives available – made SIMPLE.
An honest to goodness business minded accountant in your corner who never thinks a question is stupid – we speak YOUR language.

Pre Register NOW – Spaces Limited

A qualified Team member will call you for a free 15 minute discussion about your situation.

You will be enrolled on our limited register so you are ready to GO when the Government says GO.

We will keep you up to date so you don’t miss out on the scheme
and you do not need to part with $1… That’s RIGHT nothing DOWN!

Fill In your Details NOW to PRE REGISTER - Limited places

Here’s what will happen…


Pre Register now –
Don’t miss the boat


We will call you for a
15 minute chat


We will start your


When the Government Releases the Scheme you are good to go if you qualify

Our no risk guarantee…

Even if you do NOT qualify when the scheme is released there is NO money down. Any work done to date is a gift. Let’s get Australia Back on Track Together 😉


Local Business Award 2018

Shuriken Consulting Hornsby Finalist – Hornsby
Shuriken Consulting Hornsby WINNER – Hornsby

Local Business Award 2019

Shuriken Consulting Hornsby Finalist – Hornsby
Shuriken Consulting Dural – Finalist – HIlls
Shuriken consulting Dural – WINNER Hills

Local Business Award 2020

Shuriken Consulting Hornsby – Finalist
Shuriken Consulting Dural – Finalist

Small Business Champion Awards 2020

Shuriken Consulting Manly – Finalist
Shuriken Consulting Sydney – FInalist
Shuriken Consulting Hornsby – Finalist
Shuriken Consulting Dural – Finalist

About Us: Award winning Professional accredited Accountants

A lot of accountants offer financial services. Of course, Shuriken goes beyond that. Shuriken is at the forefront of accountancy, providing clients with a broad range of services, coaching and mentoring. Here you can connect with experts who understand what is important to you: building your business and helping you grow.